Obama, Clinton, McCain

I just heard the most awesome sermon on Sunday and HAD to share it with you.  Pastor Zans spoke about the “Power” that Jesus Christ, God the Father has GIVEN to each of us.  We all were annointed with Power to GO and DO – in the Name of Jesus.  He stated that we dont always realize that WE are the Giants just like Goliath – because God has our back, our front, our sides, our heads and our feet.  No man can defeat him!  Realize the Power that You and I have when we call on his name.

Pastor Zans stated that it will NOT be Obama, Clinton or McCain that will bring change to this world.  It will be … THE CHURCH OF GOD on their KNEES – and when we realize that WE DO have Power through Christ, we will realize that God has many things he wants to do through us, He is waiting for us to BE USED by Him and for Him.  We can change the world people… let’s commit TODAY to being who God has designed us to be.  Dont worry if you fail, dust yourself off and get back up.  God will NEVER give up on you, he created you. 

Pastor Zans message was awesome – remember the verse – I can DO ALL things through Christ who “strengthens” me.  You know, I have said this verse over and over but forgot the true meaning.  Did you?  We dont ever have to say ” I can’t”, “I’m not worthy enough”, HE can do anything through us, IF we let Him.  I invite you:  Let God The Father begin again in your life, realize the Power we have to change the world as we let go and let God.  He never asked us to go alone, He never asked us to be Perfect, He Only Asked Us to GO in His Name and He promised to go with us.

God Bless you ALL, pray for our Troops, pray for this world, pray for your neighbor, pray for your families DAILY!  Obama, Glinton, and McCain CANT Change the world – but You and I on our knees with other believers can.  Do you believe it?  God’s word says it !  Where will I find you today, I hope it is next to me bowed before God.  May each of us go this day with the Filling of the Holy Spirit – may He lead us – and may we follow without hesitation.



To Hear the Angels Rejoicing

Today I was wondering what a day it will be to hear the Angels Glorifying God the Father.  I recently read a book called        “90 Minutes in Heaven”   and I can say “I have no fear of Dying”.  How can a book give one such a different outlook on Life?  Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and it was so real to you, you could imagine being right there?  This is what the book did for me.  I honestly can only imagine how awesome, how beautiful the sounds will be that we hear.  How it will be to sing praises of honor and glory to Our Father in Heaven.

 Have you ever listened to music or a song that just brought tears to your eyes?  The tone, the words were so precise and tender that you blocked out everything else and just wanted to remain in that moment hearing it over and over.  I have heard people sing and their pitch or tones blended so well that it filled me with awe.  Can you imagine when we are made perfect what those sounds will be like?

If you have ever needed rest, peace, encouragement, then I challenge you to picture the Angels singing.  Join in with them, what a Blessing it will be on that day when we stand in the Presence of our Lord.  Our hearts will be Filled and we will give Praise to our Lord.  There can be no greater Joy.  I cant wait to join in with the Angels and Lift My Voice in praise to Our Father.  There is no Gift that we can give to the Father except “Our Lives and Our Praise”.  Lift up your voice.  Lift up your eyes.  Lift up your heart……


He is Worthy of Honor and Blessings!  Give Thanks to the Lord for ALL He has given you and ALL He has done for you!  While we are here on this earth, there will be no sweeter Joy than knowing that one day we will be perfect and whole.  Our work here on earth is only temporary.  Keep working for the Lord, share with a friend, a neighbor, a loved one of the peace and joy that come from knowing the Father.  Let each one hear about Eternity and the blessings that are here now and awaiting for us.  Dont allow Satan to create fear in your hearts or take away your joy.  We have much work to do today and then one day when the Father calls us home, we will sing with the Angels and give praise to our Father. 

Why do I write this?  Well, I think so many of us are somewhat afraid of dying, and we grieve the loss of someone dear to us, BUT… if we stop and realize that dying is not a punishment, it is not losing the game, WE WILL be in glory forever.  All pain and suffering will be no more.  We shall be made whole.  We will look into the eyes of the Father and be overwhelmed at his Love for us.  Please dont wait any longer, sit down and pray if you have never received Christ into your hearts do it now.  He is waiting for you to just ask, you dont need to have all the answers right now, He is simply knocking and waiting for you to open the door.  I invite you to pray this prayer and watch your life begin to change.  Maybe you need to even renew your relationship and thats okay, Our Father will never leave you or forsake you, He just wants you to take the step of Faith and invite him in.  Pray with me wont you:  Father, I know that I am not worthy to stand before you, my sin has kept me from enjoying the fellowship with you.  I have been wondering around on my own for so long just trying to find Hope and Peace.  Father I know that no matter what I have done in my past YOU love me so much that you sent your Son to die for Me.  Someone as unworthy as me.  Father I believe that as I confess my sins to you, your Grace and Mercy and Love will set me free.  Father in your name, I ask for forgiveness, I ask for a cleansing of who I used to be and ask that I will remember my sins no more, and I will leave them at the Cross.  Father I invite you into my life, teach me and lead me to follow you.  Father I desire to live my life for you – fill me up and teach me Lord.  Today let this be my new beginning, guide my steps Lord, protect me from Satan and the deceptions he will throw in my way.  Keep me focused Lord on your Promises and truth.  Let me be an example to others.  Father let me live each day according to your word until the day I join you in Heaven.  Let your word dwell in my heart.  I give you all of me in your Name I pray, Amen.

Go therefore, into all the world and preach the gospel.  Take time to read Gods word so that he may teach you and guide you.  Share with someone your decision to accept what our Father has done for you.  He will never leave you or forsake you.  One day, I will join with you singing Praises to our Lord and Saviour.  May God richly bless you as you live your life for him.



“He” said, COME….

In todays world we are constantly “battling” something.  There is such a great relief right in front of us.  God says “Come“.  Come unto me all you who are Heavy Laden (Burdened) and “I” will give you Rest.  Man, why can’t we remember that in the midst of our storms.  Do you realize that as you are going through the battle, HE is always there.  God is so willing and able to lift the burden, to carry it for us, if we would only ask.  He never gives us more than we can handle, it is His promise.  The only problem is:  we forget and we sink further and further and then we cry out “what are you doing, aren’t you hear, I thought you loved me, etc”.  Then He looks into our eyes, puts out His hands and picks us up and carries us.  You see, He is there but He waits patiently for us to quick kicking around and throwing our hands up so that He can grab a hold of us.

Are you fighting a battle today?  Are you sinking further into your darkness?  Is the battle beginning to defeat you?

I encourage right now to Stop and quiet your heart.  Close your eyes.  Imagine God the Father standing right beside you.  See Him reaching out His hands.  Can you feel the Father lifting you out of the depths?  Wrap your arms around Him and hold on tightly.  Open your eyes.  He is there, holding you and whispering to you:  “I will never leave you”, all I asked is that you “Come”.  Come to me and allow me to help you conquer the Giants in your Life. 

I give you a challenge.  If you are suffering or currently in a battle, don’t give up, there is an answer.  Take a few minutes each day and make a list of 5 things that you are Thankful for.  Read each of these things out loud a few times a day and keep them in the front of All your thoughts.  See them in your mind and Focus on them.  Do this everyday.  As you begin to realize all that God has given to you and all that you have to be Thankful for, you will begin to defeat your Giants.  The Giants wont seem so big anymore.  God will be bigger and He will bless you and pick up you and walk with you to conquer them all.

Tired, Depressed, Lonely, Sick, Broken Hearted…. Come….He will give you the Rest you have been looking for.  Just close your eyes, hear His still small voice inviting you to Come and lay them down at His feet. 

He loves us so much, He only asks that we come.  Let Him take away they burdens and Fill you with His Joy and Peace.  Be Thankful for all He has given you.  You will find that your Peace Will Flow like a River through your Soul.  Give God the Praise that He deserves.  May God Bless you this day and everyday as you keep your eyes on Him. 

A new Outlook

I just wanted to share a new outlook for teens.  I think so many struggle with what their futures will be.  So many of them just dont have a clue at where to even start.  Even though as parents we try to lead them, we dont always allow them to make their own choices.  I have created another Blog to help these kids achieve their Dreams.  I would like you as parents to take a look and if you find value in what I am teaching, please share it with a child you love.

As you already know, I have strong Christian values and hope that you see the benefit in what I am sharing with them.  Our kids need help, and it is our responsibility to give them love, support and guidance.  If you believe in what I am doing, send them to my Blog.  It is titled “TeensDream” — my link is www.teensdream.wordpress.com

Thank you for reading and supporting this Blog.  I hope you have been blessed by something you have read here.

You may even find it beneficial for yourself to read and do the exercises I have shared with our teens.  I can say this because I did.  For your information:  I have read many books on these principles and have taken from them what I believe is worthy using christian values.  These are all my own creative steps – nothing I have shared has been directly taken from any book.  The design of my strategy for teens and even adults is my own.  I hope you enjoy them and find it to be a value for your teen.

I have been thinking lately about my life and the lives I come in contact with everyday.  I wonder to myself what I will leave behind.  Will it be enough for me as I look back on my life or will I wish I did more.  My heart is truly burdened for our teenagers – I have such a passion to open my door to the lonely child who has no one, to the one who is depressed, to the ones who cant stand up for what they believe, to the ones who have a dream but dont know how to achieve them, and  more.  I hope as you look in your heart, you desire to be the most you can be to someone else. 

As I thought about my kids and how tiny their little hands were and how every year a craft involved them making their “handprint” or tracing their hands, I thought about mine.  Where can I leave my “handprint”?  What a blessing it would be for even one child to say ” I touched their lives and gave them hope.  Or maybe that I helped to show them better choices.  What if:  we all were able to touch just one child’s life – would our world be a better place?  Im willing to give it a chance, I hope you will think about it too.

Everyday a child, an adult, a neighbor or even a family member needs to know – someone else cares and is willing to lend an ear, lend a shoulder or possibly just be there.  Take the time this Holiday season to be thankful for the things you have but also remember that there is someone out there less fortunate.  We dont need to be wealthy to be able to give – sometimes its the smallest little thing that can make a difference.  Open your hearts this holiday – and God will truly use you to be a blessing to someone else.  The greatest gift I desire this Christmas is to leave my “Handprint” on someone else.

Maybe it was you….maybe its that I have given you a desire like my own…maybe it will be an ongoing gift I can give myself – to be able to continue to leave my Handprints.   I hope when I look back on my life I am able to see my “Handprints” travel around the world 🙂

Have a very Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.  Thank you all for taking the time to read my blogs, I hope you have been blessed.

Your Child is a “GIFT” from God

In todays world, it is sometimes difficult to raise your child with the values we learned as children.  Why?  I think sometimes as parents we tend to forget “Our” role.  We know that this age is different from when we were children: it is tougher for kids to share their faith, they face so many different challenges than we did, children are “killing” and committing crimes like nothing we ever dreamed of, they have little or no respect for authority and so on.  I think to often, we as parents “give up” – we’re lost – how can we stop what’s happening to our kids?  I believe the answer is right where we left it: In God’s Word.  Train up a child in the way that he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. 

This requires us as parents to take the first step.  Train: that means tough love.  By that I mean, we sometimes have to “Demand- Respect, Honor, Love and Integrity!  Children do not “Give” it easily.  As we teach our children, the fruits of the Spirit – that Jesus taught his disciples – we will begin to see a change.  Dont get me wrong, our children will continue to “challenge” us – but now they will know the Line.  They will begin to understand what is “acceptable” and “unacceptable” behavior.  Children NEED to be taught – Your Words NEED to be enforced.  The worst thing we can do to our children is speak the words of how we expect them to behave with “threats” of discipline for not listening AND then GIVING IN.  How often do we do that?  We stop at the most critical point of their lives.  I encourage you, Teach your child Values – Expect them to Learn them – Demand that they do AND then you will see the child that you knew was there all along.  Never give up – that is what Satan wants us to do – then he is able to begin his work.  Hold on – God’s Promises are REAL – he is faithful even when we are not.  Pray for your children – that God would Protect them and Guide them and KEEP THEM FROM EVIL.  He will – they are his children first.  Give your child the Greatest Gifts:  Love, Respect, Honor and Integrity — and watch as God reveals a Blessing in Your Child. 

Everyday can be a challenge.  Everyday can become a blessing.  Are you ready and willing to begin the journey?  If God is for us – who can be against us?  Our world Needs to change – as Christians, we need to stand up and fight to protect our children.  We need to be obedient to God’s calling in Training our children.  Take a moment NOW, Pray for your children.  Maybe you need to start all over – that’s okay – it’s never to late to let your child know how much you love them and WHY you are demanding changes in their lives.  Its not easy, no, but with God : ALL things are possible – give him your situation, I promise you: He will never forsake you.  May God Bless each and every one of you as you seek Gods direction for your families.  IN GOD WE TRUST – isnt only meant for a stamp on money – its our way of Living.


I have been burdened for the teens in my area and so I’ve done some research.  One of my daughters best guy friends is a drug addict.  His parents have taken him to Rehab and think that it is working.  The saddest thing is…it takes more!  It takes a parent who not only seeks medical or psychological counseling, it takes a parent who is willing to “Listen”.  All of us parents want the very best for our children and sometimes have to to come down “hard” on them.  We need to be aware at all times of what they are doing – who they are hagging out with – watch them when they come home and see if they appear drunk or “red-eyed” etc.  It amazes me what children are doing in their own homes that we arents are not aware of.  That means they will not always like us and they may say things like: you treat me like a child, I know-I know- I’ve heard it a hundred times, why dont you trust me…and on and on.  The point is – its because we love them that we Must continue to make them Aware of the dangers.  Dont get me wrong, my kids have “partied” at my own home when my husband and I werent here – but because I am always watching them – I found out- and we dealt with it Hard!  Our kids today face so much more than we ever did.  Check out “Myspace” –  do a search for kids in your area, read some of the profiles that arent “private”- read some of the comments on their pages, you will be amazed.  Our children need us to be paying attention.  My Prayer and my Goal is to Reach out to the teens in my area.  Im not sure how God is going to use me or even how I am to do it – BUT- I have to and Im asking you to do the same.  Nothing burdens my heart more than a teenager struggling to meet the challenges of everyday life by using Drugs or Alcohol.  Please join me!  Please be aware and listen to your teens and those around them.  I have encouraged my daughter to be a “light” in her friends darkness.  I have encouraged her to tell him – its not okay and I dont want to be around you as long as your going to do drugs because I cant watch you “kill” yourself.  Will you join me in prayer?  Will you join me in reaching out?  Our teens need someone who cares about them – will it be YOU?

To my son, I will always remember the doctor saying ” it’s a Boy”!  As I took you home and looked at those tiny toes and fingers, I was in amazement of what God had created.  I wondered what kind of mother I would be: would I teach you right from wrong, would I be able to protect you from the world, what kind of man would you grow up to be?  I believed the most important thing I could do was to have you dedicated before the Lord.  As the Pastor held you in his arms and lifted you up to the congregation he prayed.  Now I dont remember exactly what he prayed, but I remember the question he asked your father and I.  Will you promise to pray for him and teach him and lead in the ways of righteousness, will you teach him of God and of the salvation given to him thru the acceptance of Jesus Christ, will you love him and care for him as God loves you:  I DO!!!  As your life began and I watched you take your first step and fall, my heart was full of joy, as you spoke your first word, I was amazed.  When you started to played outside, I started to teach you about safety and being careful.  When you started school, I cried – like every other mother I know 🙂  When you came home from school upset and hurt by something someone said, I reassured you and comforted you.  I realized as you got older, my strings got longer which frightened me terribly.  I forgot that God was watching over you.  I taught you about drugs and sex and the dangers of getting into the wrong crowds and how you needed to share Jesus with your friends and always be an example to others.  We began to hit the teenage years, and our relationship began to change.  I remember sitting with you and telling you ” these will either be the Best years of our lives or the Worst”.  You and I were challenged to make them the BEST.  Oh, it wasnt easy on your part or mine – but God was there.  Now you are graduating from high school, where is my place in your life going to be.  That question can only be answered by you.  Did I do my job, did I teach you well, will you know right from wrong, will you be safe?  This is hard my son, but joyful at the same time.  As I begin to let the strings go, I pray daily that God will take over.  My job will never be done, neither will my love or support, neither will my committment to Pray without ceasing that God will direct your life, that you will become the Man God has called you to be, that you will follow the paths He has chosen for you.  From diapers – to cars – to jobs – to your future   — I Surrender All of my worries – my committment to you remains.  I am So Proud of you my son and for all the joys in life you have given me!  You truly are a blessing and the greatest gift God could have given me.  Walk in the light of Gods word, hold on to the truths you have learned and go….begin your life all over again.  Remember, I will always be here for you…but most importantly, when we’re not together, God will be your guide.  God Bless you, I love you my son.


As the “Son” rises

April 29, 2007

I wanted to write now because after Easter is gone, we tend to sink back into our same old ways and “forget”.  Not just you, me too.  So I challenge you: everyday when you rise, and wait for the sun to appear, Remember: what God did for you.  He sent his Son – to “suffer” and “die” for YOU!!  What a Father in heaven we have, what a living Savior we have!!  Can you imagine with me?  Jesus walked “worthy” everyday, knowing his Father in heaven had a “purpose” for him.  He was to bear “Our” sins, not his own.   As we think back to Easter, can you imagine, being alone…..for the first time….Jesus was not in communion with the Father.  God could not help him through the anguish as Jesus was bearing our “Sin”.  Remember when he cried out “Father, why hast though forsaken me.”  He bore the pain, the sorrow, the shame, the SIN, for YOU and ME!!  He has RISEN!!!!  Give thanks everyday as the sun rises…because the SON rose so that we may live.  He rose so that we can still have fellowship with the Father.  Can you think of even One greater gift, than lying down your life for those who are unworthy?  I know, that if someone asked me to suffer and die for someone who certainly didnt deserve it, my answer would be NO WAY.  But we serve a loving God, one who wants nothing more than to wrap us in His loving arms so that he may call us His children.  If you have never accepted what he has done…think about it again…He Suffered–He was crucified–He rose again!!!  He is sitting with the Father and will hear your prayer and HE WILL ANSWER YOU.  No sin can keep us from fellowship with him—only “unconfessed” sin.  Be blessed this day –and as the sun rises…….remember “The Son of God” rose so that you may have Life!

I will be right up front and honest.  So many people are raving about the movie/book called “The Secret”.  It has been recommended to me by at least 20 different people to “hurry up and read because of the Unknown Secrets that have been revealed.  Although I have had it “on my list of things to do”, I somehow kept putting it off and putting it off.  What I want to share with you is this:  someone who did read it, shared with me one paragraph in the book that has changed my entire view!  You see, although the author does share many real concepts that can be applied to your life to aid you in becoming more positive and changing your lifestyle, there lies deception within also.  That one little paragraph I mentioned:  states that You are God – You are the creator – you have the Power etc —BE NOT DECEIVED!!!  You are NOT God – You are NOT the creator etc!  To many times in our lives, we hear scripture being quoted or we hear truths thrown into a conversation, so we Believe it all to be true.  I Challenge you – if you are going to read “The Secret” – or if you have read “The Secret”, make sure you PRAY about what you are reading.  Gods word was once hidden from some – but HE then REVEALED it for ALL men!  We already have “The Secret” – unfortunately WE choose not to follow it – its to hard – we want a quick fix – there are things we want in life that we are not supposed to strive for – etc.  If you read the book “The Secret” – its so easy – basically – if you THINK it to be true, it will!  What about starving children around the world that think and ask for food daily – do they not think hard enough?  What about the abused person, do they not think about safety, about being away from the abuser daily?  Come on , while positive thinking can bring positive things into your life, this is NO secret – We Call it FAITH.  While surrounding yourself with “positive” people so you will be more positive, We call that Likemindedness.  Gods word will shower you with Secrets – REAL Secrets – why dont you pick his WORD up instead of wasting your time on what someone else claims to be a Secret.  There, as I have said, are some truths in “The Secret” – but they are truths God shared with us many many years ago.  How alarming that so many will be deceived by that book/movie simply because they are not aware of God’s Truths.  Share Your Secret with as many people as you can.  When you hear someone mention “The Secret” — make sure you take the time to ask : what does the book say – and share with them what Gods word says.  Scripture says that many will be led astray by false teachings.  Do your part to share the truth.  I encourage everyone who reads or watches that movie – to grab a bible and compare those teachings with Gods word.  Do not be led blindly down a road you should not be traveling.  I found this information quite alarming when I heard it and I am so glad I never read or watched the movie.  It however, frightens me at how many are believing and following this information.  Once again….I Challenge You – compare The Secret to Gods Word — that is where you will find ALL that you have been seeking.  He will provide ALL of your needs.  Make your requests known UNTO him alone.  May God protect you and keep you this day and everyday.