Mirror Mirror On The Wall

January 25, 2007

Remember that?  What do you see when you look in the Mirror?  Most of us only see ourselves based on what is on the outside.  The shame of that is, we are missing the Best Part – what is on the inside.  You know life has a way of tricking us to believe that we are only “someone” if we are physically attractive, well built, look impressive etc.  The truth of the matter is, even those that “appear” to have it all – are lonely, depressed, feel ugly, and so on just like many of us.   How do we get beyond the outside? 

Mirrors are only the reflection of what we are on the outside!  YOU are the only one that can show others what is on the Inside!  More importantly, do you Like who you are on the Inside?  Or, do you simply try to portrait something that your not.  If you think people cant see thru that, you’re wrong.  I challenge you to take the First Step:  look in the mirror again – this time, look closer.  Take your time, find what you have inside that makes you who you are.  If you like what you see Great!!  What if you dont?  Second Step:  Do you want people to remember you for what you have done for others….or will they only remember what you did for yourself?  Truly, you may accomplish great things in life that make you a Success…but when your gone, no one will remember.  People tend to only remember people in their lives who actually impacted them in one way or another.  Which one will you be? 

Looking in the mirror can be difficult, it can cause you to look at scars – maybe physical – maybe emotional, maybe both.  You may see someone looking back at you that you no longer recognize.  What has life done to you?  Take a minute here, it gets better I promise!  You can become the person people will remember!  The truth is, you were  there all along, you just lost your way.  First thing is to admit you may not be all you can be.  We tend to live life “short” – we give up – we lose hope – we dont feel we can be achievers etc.  This will END TODAY!!!!  Keep reading.

Hope lies within you…so much depends on your willingness.  Will you take the first step?  Will you look back into the mirror and challenge the person you are looking at?  Can you say out loud ” I like you”?  If you can , your next step is to remember WHO that person is inside.  When you can say that, others will like you to, they will desire to get to know you.  You will become a magnet…you will attract others because they will want to know – how they can have what you have.  If you dont like who you are, you had better change – no one else will like you either.  Remember, you will attract likeminded people.  If you only care about yourself, you will attract people that could care less about you – they are also only out for themselves.

Moral of the story – what will you leave behind? Will it be that people talk about how special you were, will your families share stories about how you gave everything to others without wanting anything in return, will your co-workers or bosses comment on what a pleasure it was to work with you OR will the comments be something entirely different.  You see the Choice is yours.  Life is tough – will you Win! 

I know what I see when I look in the Mirror – it’s what I am on the Inside.  This is what people see when they look at me.  They dont see that Im not a super model or athlete.  I let them see me.  If people dont like you, it will now be, “they dont like themselves either”.  Let them go or they will bring you down.

Comment me if you like, if your struggling and need help thinking “positive” things about yourself.  You can even make a list of the qualities you like about yourself and read them everyday.  

I hope you find the person on the inside 🙂  I know you’ll like them! 


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