Man Overboard!!

January 26, 2007

Life is sometimes like being on a ship in the middle of the ocean.  The morning brings bright sunshine, blue skies and warmth.  We bask in the sun and are grateful for the gentleness of the breeze.  We spend our day delighting in its perfect beauty.  The hours slip by without us even noticing the day is shortening.  As the sun starts to drift away our images still remain of the experience of possessing its complete splendor. Evening is approaching us and our minds slowly begin to await the darkness.  Will it be a cool night, will the moonlight guide us, will the calmness remain in our thoughts?  Are the stars spread across the sky like the sparkling of diamonds?  We wonder with hope that the beauty will still remain.

The moon hides away, the stars are no where to be found…what is coming?  Our thoughts begin to scramble, as the waves seem to be increasing.  There is now a coldness that surrounds us and a fear begins to develop in our minds.  A storm is coming, darkness has arrived with screams of  thunder from the once clear skies.  Our dreams of the nights arrival are gone.  Haste for security is now our only desire.  Suddenly, in our haste we are battered against the railing and slip over the edge of the ship.  All we hear through the thunder is “Man Overboard”.  Tossed back and forth by the waves, we see the scrambling on deck but we are sure of our destiny in our mind.  There is no one who can rescue us now.  Is this all my life was meant to be, is this how it will end? 

With what we believe to be our last moments, we think we hear a voice…we strain to hear what it is saying.  Beyond our own belief, a voice is there, coming from a small boat getting closer and closer.  Completely exhausted we are hurled into the boat by someone we have never met but will always remain a Hero!   We have been rescued thru the storm, back on the ship many are  waiting to welcome our safe return.  Thoughts of the event continue to flow through our minds.  Who are these people that risked the storm to save me?  They are called “friends, and family, and co-workers, and believers”.

Sometimes life has a way of tricking us to believe that when trials come, we are all alone.  We dont always recognize the voice trying to help us, or the means to get us out of the situation to safety.  But you are NEVER alone, there is always “someone” to get you through.  The days of beauty are wonderful to hold on to- but getting through the storms will always make you stronger.  One day it may be YOU that has to help someone else.  My question to you is – will you?

It takes a gracious,compassionate, and giving person to be ready to give their life to save someone else’s.  You may never literally have to risk your life for someone but would you risk a few dollars, a few hours of your day?  Those are the REAL Heroes!!  Wealth and riches can Never take the place of Compassion and Giving of yourself to help another.  You want to live life to its fullest – Give more!

Give your time, your money, your love, your hopes, your dreams, whatever it is – someone out there may need it.  Share it today – dont leave the “Man Overboard” the last thing someone hears.


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