On a Tightrope Again?

February 1, 2007

Today I sat wondering about what I could share with you…hmmm.  I thought about how difficult it is to walk on a tightrope.  Then I thought to myself, I could never walk a tightrope , Im lucky if I can walk straight on a full Boardwalk.  It suddenly dawned on me, that I constantly find myself on a tightrope!  I feel as though life really just isnt fair.  Why do I have obstacles constantly, why cant I have an easy going life like others?  Well, then my next question came, do others really have a life without struggles.  If they do, how?  I began to realize we choose to stand on the tightrope…we are the reason we stand alone…we freeze because we dont know what to do next.  Well then, how do we get down from the tightrope and walk on the boardwalk instead?  Its called ” A Leap of Faith” – you see when we believe we are all alone in life with no help – we struggle on the tightrope thinking we an actually do things on our own, but as we continue to walk that way, we find ourselves now desperate smack dab in the middle of the ever bouncing tightrope and we “Freeze”.  The only thing we can do now – is yell out for help.  You see God never puts us on the tightrope, he has given us the foundation to stand on, we jump off.  He tells us that we can do anything and ask him for anything with a pure heart and HE will Answer.  Sometimes its just hard to believe isnt it?  I know, Ive been there, I still go thru these moments.  But when I fall flat on my face, I hear him say “Are you ready to let go and let me”.  So I offer this to you – as I continue to be reminded – Let GO – Let GOD.  If he asks you to walk the tightrope – rest assured its because he’s going with you! 


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