February 5, 2007

This past Sunday was truly a blessing for me and I’d like to share with you why.  My Pastor gave an outstanding message – one of which I have never heard but I believe its truth will be worth your time to read.  It was based on 3 principles of living:  based on Exodus 32 the Golden calf.  Im not going to go into the whole message except the basis of the 3 principles.  As you read the chapter you will see 3 different men and their responses – then decide which one you are.  First Moses, up on the mountain for 40 days spending time with God.  God is giving him the commandments and the covenants of which we are to follow.  Moses is obedient to God and desires to serve him with his whole heart and to teach the people Gods way.  While he is on the mountain, Aaron is with the people who were brought out of Egypt – they began to wonder what happened to Moses, did he leave, what was taking him so long…they grew impatient so they asked Aaron to make  them a God to worship.  Aaron desiring to be “liked” by all, thought he would challenge them and then they would no longer desire another God to worship – he tells them he wants all their gold to make an idol for them.  Aaron not believing they would give up all of their possesions is surprised because the people bring him all the gold.  Aaron still desiring to hold favor with them – makes them a golden calf to worship.  You see Aaron is the 2nd way we can be living – doing what ever it takes to be liked.  Now lets look at the people – how often to you fit into this category?  We dont like how slow things are going, or not being able to “see” God at work so we make our own way.  We do what we want , when we want, and how we want –then we create a God that will be pleased with all of this. 

 Im not sure about you, but throughout my life, I have chosen the paths of all 3.  But what I am sure of today is that the only life I truly want to live is that of Moses.  My desire is to serve the one and only “true” God.  Even if I must wait, even if I cannot see his will – I want to be obedient to his word – as his word is truth and light!  I hope you also will desire to stop living your lives for someone else or to please yourself.  These will only lead to destruction.  I encourage you to take a moment to consider – which one are you?  If it is anything but following the true God – make a decision today – to renew your committment and confess your failures and start living right- I promise you , nothing will bring you more peace or happiness.  In the end, nothing else will matter.  May God pour out his blessings on you this day as you renew your heart and mind in him.


One Response to “WHICH ONE ARE YOU?”

  1. Renee Mark said

    Thank you for reminding me as to how I have lived and how I am living. I love the Lord with all my heart and want to live for Him, sometimes I need to be reminded of how I am living and Who I am living for.

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