February 8, 2007

I must write this little note to you today as I find myself “Glad”.  You need to know first, my circumstances are not great, I struggle financially, my children go thru the same problems as yours, I am struggling with my home business etc.  You see, you and I are not so different, I dont write to you because my life is easy, with no problems, I write to show you what God is teaching me and Hopefully – you learn something too 🙂  As I have my devotions daily, I see Gods hand – I hear him calling my name and asking me to Stop and Let go!  I think at times I am failing God or not following his direction because trial after trial come my way.  Today I realized, now is the Best time to praise the Lord.  Do you know why?  Because I know a couple of things:  I must be in the Lords will because Satan is desperately trying to defeat me and make me turn to trying things my own way;  because God allows trials in our lives to make us persevere to make us stronger!  Wow, if knowing God desires the best for my life and His hand is always on me, and He will Not allow one hair on my head to be harmed – what have I to fear ?  Constantly thru out Gods word he repeats himself :  Do Not Be Afraid – why?  Fear is not from God, it is Satans way of defeating us; he tries to make us believe that God is not honest, His word is not truth.  Well, I dont know about you, but I know Gods word is Truth and Therefore:  I will give Thanks continually, Lift His Name on High, and praise his Holy name!!!  Lets join together – Satan will be defeated because he cannot exist when we stand and Praise the Lord!!!  If you are feeling defeated, depressed, fearful, doubtful, anxious….start Praising the Lord and giving Thanks.  I guarantee God will open up the heavens and he will take it all away.  May Gods grace be sufficient , may he bless your heart and minds in Christ Jesus, go forth this day with boldness, expecting that God has Great things to accomplish in your lives today.  Amen


One Response to “I LIFT YOUR NAME ON HIGH”

  1. Renee Mark said

    Hi Laurie,
    Again, another great message! You do sound alot like me lol. I have 2 children, bad financial troubles,struggling with my Herbalife business and my husband and I both have health problems and depression!
    Some days I just feel like giving up but I know that God is in control and I will not give in to the enemy!
    I praise God for my family, my home,my clothes, my bed, the food we eat, the warm coat I have and for you and your blog! I know that all these things have been given to me from God and I am so thankful to Him.
    Can I ask you, What devotional do you use? I am struggling with what to study and how to study, any ideas would be great! Thanks Take care and carry on, you are doing an awesome job!

    Renee Mark

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