February 19, 2007

Picture this with me…you desire to go and see your favorite singer in concert – you’re first in line for the ticket – you can pick ANY seat you want…which seat do you pick?  The majority of us would pick the seat smack dab in the front row middle – perfect view – one where we could reach out and touch them if we wanted!  We wouldnt even have to scream we could talk like we normally do and THEY would HEAR us!!  Wow!!  Or, we have a free ticket to the seminar we have wanted to attend and it is now in our city – the guest speaker emails us personally and offers us the best seat in the house!!  Whats your response?  Of course, I’ll be there!!  Awesome…..THEN….

We walk into church every sunday, we choose the middle, the side, the very very back row…WHY?  I believe (myself included), sometimes we dont feel worthy of the front, or MAYBE we are afraid of the front.  Hey, I mean if God is there, he may speak to my heart and ask me to do something that I dont think I can do OR I dont want to do.  If I can BLOCK my view of the Pastor – he cant look me in the eye when he is speaking about Gods word.  Maybe if I dont make eye contact, God cant convict my heart.  I will just sit in the pew and daydream until the service is over.  In a large church – maybe I cant even hear the Pastor very well, then I have a real excuse, dont I?  If I cant hear him, I wont have to change the way Im living.

Guess what?  I saved you a seat 🙂  I invite you to come and sit with me!  You and I will sit in the front row – BUT, we are NOW going to wait with “anticipation” on what God has to teach us.  We can hear every word he has to say, we can reach out and touch him, we can look into his eyes AND he WILL speak to us directly!!  WOW….we have the best seats in the house!  God has invited us to come to see him – he has given ALL of us a “personal” invitation”.  So I ask you again, will you go?  Will you listen?  Will you put yourself in the “position” so you can hear his voice?   You know, God will NEVER give us anything in our lives that he will not help us get thru.  Do you believe that?  He knows our limits, he created us 🙂  He simply asks ” Will you ALLOW me to use you?”  God desires us to have life and to live it abundantly – WE are the ones that defeat ourselves because we keep on looking at what WE are able to accomplish and NOT what God is able to accomplish.

Lets start today…quit trying so hard…STOP – PUT YOURSELF IN THE PERFECT POSITION – AND LISTEN!!  He will do wonderful things in your life if you will let him.  Come on, stand up and take the seat right up front, he’s been saving it just for YOU.

I’ll ask you again – “what’s the view from where you’re sitting?”  Join me, wont you?



  1. Renee Mark said

    Hi there,
    Sorry I havent been intouch. But Im back and loved this message. I hope you are still writing, I see the date is a few days old. Keep your chin up, Im praying for you.

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