“THE SECRET” – I Challenge You….

March 17, 2007

I will be right up front and honest.  So many people are raving about the movie/book called “The Secret”.  It has been recommended to me by at least 20 different people to “hurry up and read because of the Unknown Secrets that have been revealed.  Although I have had it “on my list of things to do”, I somehow kept putting it off and putting it off.  What I want to share with you is this:  someone who did read it, shared with me one paragraph in the book that has changed my entire view!  You see, although the author does share many real concepts that can be applied to your life to aid you in becoming more positive and changing your lifestyle, there lies deception within also.  That one little paragraph I mentioned:  states that You are God – You are the creator – you have the Power etc —BE NOT DECEIVED!!!  You are NOT God – You are NOT the creator etc!  To many times in our lives, we hear scripture being quoted or we hear truths thrown into a conversation, so we Believe it all to be true.  I Challenge you – if you are going to read “The Secret” – or if you have read “The Secret”, make sure you PRAY about what you are reading.  Gods word was once hidden from some – but HE then REVEALED it for ALL men!  We already have “The Secret” – unfortunately WE choose not to follow it – its to hard – we want a quick fix – there are things we want in life that we are not supposed to strive for – etc.  If you read the book “The Secret” – its so easy – basically – if you THINK it to be true, it will!  What about starving children around the world that think and ask for food daily – do they not think hard enough?  What about the abused person, do they not think about safety, about being away from the abuser daily?  Come on , while positive thinking can bring positive things into your life, this is NO secret – We Call it FAITH.  While surrounding yourself with “positive” people so you will be more positive, We call that Likemindedness.  Gods word will shower you with Secrets – REAL Secrets – why dont you pick his WORD up instead of wasting your time on what someone else claims to be a Secret.  There, as I have said, are some truths in “The Secret” – but they are truths God shared with us many many years ago.  How alarming that so many will be deceived by that book/movie simply because they are not aware of God’s Truths.  Share Your Secret with as many people as you can.  When you hear someone mention “The Secret” — make sure you take the time to ask : what does the book say – and share with them what Gods word says.  Scripture says that many will be led astray by false teachings.  Do your part to share the truth.  I encourage everyone who reads or watches that movie – to grab a bible and compare those teachings with Gods word.  Do not be led blindly down a road you should not be traveling.  I found this information quite alarming when I heard it and I am so glad I never read or watched the movie.  It however, frightens me at how many are believing and following this information.  Once again….I Challenge You – compare The Secret to Gods Word — that is where you will find ALL that you have been seeking.  He will provide ALL of your needs.  Make your requests known UNTO him alone.  May God protect you and keep you this day and everyday. 


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