As the “Son” rises

April 29, 2007

I wanted to write now because after Easter is gone, we tend to sink back into our same old ways and “forget”.  Not just you, me too.  So I challenge you: everyday when you rise, and wait for the sun to appear, Remember: what God did for you.  He sent his Son – to “suffer” and “die” for YOU!!  What a Father in heaven we have, what a living Savior we have!!  Can you imagine with me?  Jesus walked “worthy” everyday, knowing his Father in heaven had a “purpose” for him.  He was to bear “Our” sins, not his own.   As we think back to Easter, can you imagine, being alone…..for the first time….Jesus was not in communion with the Father.  God could not help him through the anguish as Jesus was bearing our “Sin”.  Remember when he cried out “Father, why hast though forsaken me.”  He bore the pain, the sorrow, the shame, the SIN, for YOU and ME!!  He has RISEN!!!!  Give thanks everyday as the sun rises…because the SON rose so that we may live.  He rose so that we can still have fellowship with the Father.  Can you think of even One greater gift, than lying down your life for those who are unworthy?  I know, that if someone asked me to suffer and die for someone who certainly didnt deserve it, my answer would be NO WAY.  But we serve a loving God, one who wants nothing more than to wrap us in His loving arms so that he may call us His children.  If you have never accepted what he has done…think about it again…He Suffered–He was crucified–He rose again!!!  He is sitting with the Father and will hear your prayer and HE WILL ANSWER YOU.  No sin can keep us from fellowship with him—only “unconfessed” sin.  Be blessed this day –and as the sun rises…….remember “The Son of God” rose so that you may have Life!


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