June 5, 2007

To my son, I will always remember the doctor saying ” it’s a Boy”!  As I took you home and looked at those tiny toes and fingers, I was in amazement of what God had created.  I wondered what kind of mother I would be: would I teach you right from wrong, would I be able to protect you from the world, what kind of man would you grow up to be?  I believed the most important thing I could do was to have you dedicated before the Lord.  As the Pastor held you in his arms and lifted you up to the congregation he prayed.  Now I dont remember exactly what he prayed, but I remember the question he asked your father and I.  Will you promise to pray for him and teach him and lead in the ways of righteousness, will you teach him of God and of the salvation given to him thru the acceptance of Jesus Christ, will you love him and care for him as God loves you:  I DO!!!  As your life began and I watched you take your first step and fall, my heart was full of joy, as you spoke your first word, I was amazed.  When you started to played outside, I started to teach you about safety and being careful.  When you started school, I cried – like every other mother I know 🙂  When you came home from school upset and hurt by something someone said, I reassured you and comforted you.  I realized as you got older, my strings got longer which frightened me terribly.  I forgot that God was watching over you.  I taught you about drugs and sex and the dangers of getting into the wrong crowds and how you needed to share Jesus with your friends and always be an example to others.  We began to hit the teenage years, and our relationship began to change.  I remember sitting with you and telling you ” these will either be the Best years of our lives or the Worst”.  You and I were challenged to make them the BEST.  Oh, it wasnt easy on your part or mine – but God was there.  Now you are graduating from high school, where is my place in your life going to be.  That question can only be answered by you.  Did I do my job, did I teach you well, will you know right from wrong, will you be safe?  This is hard my son, but joyful at the same time.  As I begin to let the strings go, I pray daily that God will take over.  My job will never be done, neither will my love or support, neither will my committment to Pray without ceasing that God will direct your life, that you will become the Man God has called you to be, that you will follow the paths He has chosen for you.  From diapers – to cars – to jobs – to your future   — I Surrender All of my worries – my committment to you remains.  I am So Proud of you my son and for all the joys in life you have given me!  You truly are a blessing and the greatest gift God could have given me.  Walk in the light of Gods word, hold on to the truths you have learned and go….begin your life all over again.  Remember, I will always be here for you…but most importantly, when we’re not together, God will be your guide.  God Bless you, I love you my son.



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