September 6, 2007


I have been burdened for the teens in my area and so I’ve done some research.  One of my daughters best guy friends is a drug addict.  His parents have taken him to Rehab and think that it is working.  The saddest thing is…it takes more!  It takes a parent who not only seeks medical or psychological counseling, it takes a parent who is willing to “Listen”.  All of us parents want the very best for our children and sometimes have to to come down “hard” on them.  We need to be aware at all times of what they are doing – who they are hagging out with – watch them when they come home and see if they appear drunk or “red-eyed” etc.  It amazes me what children are doing in their own homes that we arents are not aware of.  That means they will not always like us and they may say things like: you treat me like a child, I know-I know- I’ve heard it a hundred times, why dont you trust me…and on and on.  The point is – its because we love them that we Must continue to make them Aware of the dangers.  Dont get me wrong, my kids have “partied” at my own home when my husband and I werent here – but because I am always watching them – I found out- and we dealt with it Hard!  Our kids today face so much more than we ever did.  Check out “Myspace” –  do a search for kids in your area, read some of the profiles that arent “private”- read some of the comments on their pages, you will be amazed.  Our children need us to be paying attention.  My Prayer and my Goal is to Reach out to the teens in my area.  Im not sure how God is going to use me or even how I am to do it – BUT- I have to and Im asking you to do the same.  Nothing burdens my heart more than a teenager struggling to meet the challenges of everyday life by using Drugs or Alcohol.  Please join me!  Please be aware and listen to your teens and those around them.  I have encouraged my daughter to be a “light” in her friends darkness.  I have encouraged her to tell him – its not okay and I dont want to be around you as long as your going to do drugs because I cant watch you “kill” yourself.  Will you join me in prayer?  Will you join me in reaching out?  Our teens need someone who cares about them – will it be YOU?


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