Where will you leave your “Handprints”?

December 15, 2007

I have been thinking lately about my life and the lives I come in contact with everyday.  I wonder to myself what I will leave behind.  Will it be enough for me as I look back on my life or will I wish I did more.  My heart is truly burdened for our teenagers – I have such a passion to open my door to the lonely child who has no one, to the one who is depressed, to the ones who cant stand up for what they believe, to the ones who have a dream but dont know how to achieve them, and  more.  I hope as you look in your heart, you desire to be the most you can be to someone else. 

As I thought about my kids and how tiny their little hands were and how every year a craft involved them making their “handprint” or tracing their hands, I thought about mine.  Where can I leave my “handprint”?  What a blessing it would be for even one child to say ” I touched their lives and gave them hope.  Or maybe that I helped to show them better choices.  What if:  we all were able to touch just one child’s life – would our world be a better place?  Im willing to give it a chance, I hope you will think about it too.

Everyday a child, an adult, a neighbor or even a family member needs to know – someone else cares and is willing to lend an ear, lend a shoulder or possibly just be there.  Take the time this Holiday season to be thankful for the things you have but also remember that there is someone out there less fortunate.  We dont need to be wealthy to be able to give – sometimes its the smallest little thing that can make a difference.  Open your hearts this holiday – and God will truly use you to be a blessing to someone else.  The greatest gift I desire this Christmas is to leave my “Handprint” on someone else.

Maybe it was you….maybe its that I have given you a desire like my own…maybe it will be an ongoing gift I can give myself – to be able to continue to leave my Handprints.   I hope when I look back on my life I am able to see my “Handprints” travel around the world 🙂

Have a very Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.  Thank you all for taking the time to read my blogs, I hope you have been blessed.


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