Teens, Graduates, Success and Their Futures

February 1, 2008

A new Outlook

I just wanted to share a new outlook for teens.  I think so many struggle with what their futures will be.  So many of them just dont have a clue at where to even start.  Even though as parents we try to lead them, we dont always allow them to make their own choices.  I have created another Blog to help these kids achieve their Dreams.  I would like you as parents to take a look and if you find value in what I am teaching, please share it with a child you love.

As you already know, I have strong Christian values and hope that you see the benefit in what I am sharing with them.  Our kids need help, and it is our responsibility to give them love, support and guidance.  If you believe in what I am doing, send them to my Blog.  It is titled “TeensDream” — my link is www.teensdream.wordpress.com

Thank you for reading and supporting this Blog.  I hope you have been blessed by something you have read here.

You may even find it beneficial for yourself to read and do the exercises I have shared with our teens.  I can say this because I did.  For your information:  I have read many books on these principles and have taken from them what I believe is worthy using christian values.  These are all my own creative steps – nothing I have shared has been directly taken from any book.  The design of my strategy for teens and even adults is my own.  I hope you enjoy them and find it to be a value for your teen.


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