Tired, Depressed, Lonely, Sick, Broken Hearted….

March 7, 2008

“He” said, COME….

In todays world we are constantly “battling” something.  There is such a great relief right in front of us.  God says “Come“.  Come unto me all you who are Heavy Laden (Burdened) and “I” will give you Rest.  Man, why can’t we remember that in the midst of our storms.  Do you realize that as you are going through the battle, HE is always there.  God is so willing and able to lift the burden, to carry it for us, if we would only ask.  He never gives us more than we can handle, it is His promise.  The only problem is:  we forget and we sink further and further and then we cry out “what are you doing, aren’t you hear, I thought you loved me, etc”.  Then He looks into our eyes, puts out His hands and picks us up and carries us.  You see, He is there but He waits patiently for us to quick kicking around and throwing our hands up so that He can grab a hold of us.

Are you fighting a battle today?  Are you sinking further into your darkness?  Is the battle beginning to defeat you?

I encourage right now to Stop and quiet your heart.  Close your eyes.  Imagine God the Father standing right beside you.  See Him reaching out His hands.  Can you feel the Father lifting you out of the depths?  Wrap your arms around Him and hold on tightly.  Open your eyes.  He is there, holding you and whispering to you:  “I will never leave you”, all I asked is that you “Come”.  Come to me and allow me to help you conquer the Giants in your Life. 

I give you a challenge.  If you are suffering or currently in a battle, don’t give up, there is an answer.  Take a few minutes each day and make a list of 5 things that you are Thankful for.  Read each of these things out loud a few times a day and keep them in the front of All your thoughts.  See them in your mind and Focus on them.  Do this everyday.  As you begin to realize all that God has given to you and all that you have to be Thankful for, you will begin to defeat your Giants.  The Giants wont seem so big anymore.  God will be bigger and He will bless you and pick up you and walk with you to conquer them all.

Tired, Depressed, Lonely, Sick, Broken Hearted…. Come….He will give you the Rest you have been looking for.  Just close your eyes, hear His still small voice inviting you to Come and lay them down at His feet. 

He loves us so much, He only asks that we come.  Let Him take away they burdens and Fill you with His Joy and Peace.  Be Thankful for all He has given you.  You will find that your Peace Will Flow like a River through your Soul.  Give God the Praise that He deserves.  May God Bless you this day and everyday as you keep your eyes on Him. 


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