What A Day it Will Be….

April 6, 2008

To Hear the Angels Rejoicing

Today I was wondering what a day it will be to hear the Angels Glorifying God the Father.  I recently read a book called        “90 Minutes in Heaven”   and I can say “I have no fear of Dying”.  How can a book give one such a different outlook on Life?  Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and it was so real to you, you could imagine being right there?  This is what the book did for me.  I honestly can only imagine how awesome, how beautiful the sounds will be that we hear.  How it will be to sing praises of honor and glory to Our Father in Heaven.

 Have you ever listened to music or a song that just brought tears to your eyes?  The tone, the words were so precise and tender that you blocked out everything else and just wanted to remain in that moment hearing it over and over.  I have heard people sing and their pitch or tones blended so well that it filled me with awe.  Can you imagine when we are made perfect what those sounds will be like?

If you have ever needed rest, peace, encouragement, then I challenge you to picture the Angels singing.  Join in with them, what a Blessing it will be on that day when we stand in the Presence of our Lord.  Our hearts will be Filled and we will give Praise to our Lord.  There can be no greater Joy.  I cant wait to join in with the Angels and Lift My Voice in praise to Our Father.  There is no Gift that we can give to the Father except “Our Lives and Our Praise”.  Lift up your voice.  Lift up your eyes.  Lift up your heart……


He is Worthy of Honor and Blessings!  Give Thanks to the Lord for ALL He has given you and ALL He has done for you!  While we are here on this earth, there will be no sweeter Joy than knowing that one day we will be perfect and whole.  Our work here on earth is only temporary.  Keep working for the Lord, share with a friend, a neighbor, a loved one of the peace and joy that come from knowing the Father.  Let each one hear about Eternity and the blessings that are here now and awaiting for us.  Dont allow Satan to create fear in your hearts or take away your joy.  We have much work to do today and then one day when the Father calls us home, we will sing with the Angels and give praise to our Father. 

Why do I write this?  Well, I think so many of us are somewhat afraid of dying, and we grieve the loss of someone dear to us, BUT… if we stop and realize that dying is not a punishment, it is not losing the game, WE WILL be in glory forever.  All pain and suffering will be no more.  We shall be made whole.  We will look into the eyes of the Father and be overwhelmed at his Love for us.  Please dont wait any longer, sit down and pray if you have never received Christ into your hearts do it now.  He is waiting for you to just ask, you dont need to have all the answers right now, He is simply knocking and waiting for you to open the door.  I invite you to pray this prayer and watch your life begin to change.  Maybe you need to even renew your relationship and thats okay, Our Father will never leave you or forsake you, He just wants you to take the step of Faith and invite him in.  Pray with me wont you:  Father, I know that I am not worthy to stand before you, my sin has kept me from enjoying the fellowship with you.  I have been wondering around on my own for so long just trying to find Hope and Peace.  Father I know that no matter what I have done in my past YOU love me so much that you sent your Son to die for Me.  Someone as unworthy as me.  Father I believe that as I confess my sins to you, your Grace and Mercy and Love will set me free.  Father in your name, I ask for forgiveness, I ask for a cleansing of who I used to be and ask that I will remember my sins no more, and I will leave them at the Cross.  Father I invite you into my life, teach me and lead me to follow you.  Father I desire to live my life for you – fill me up and teach me Lord.  Today let this be my new beginning, guide my steps Lord, protect me from Satan and the deceptions he will throw in my way.  Keep me focused Lord on your Promises and truth.  Let me be an example to others.  Father let me live each day according to your word until the day I join you in Heaven.  Let your word dwell in my heart.  I give you all of me in your Name I pray, Amen.

Go therefore, into all the world and preach the gospel.  Take time to read Gods word so that he may teach you and guide you.  Share with someone your decision to accept what our Father has done for you.  He will never leave you or forsake you.  One day, I will join with you singing Praises to our Lord and Saviour.  May God richly bless you as you live your life for him.




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