Obama, Clinton, McCain? I’ll tell you who…

June 23, 2008

Obama, Clinton, McCain

I just heard the most awesome sermon on Sunday and HAD to share it with you.  Pastor Zans spoke about the “Power” that Jesus Christ, God the Father has GIVEN to each of us.  We all were annointed with Power to GO and DO – in the Name of Jesus.  He stated that we dont always realize that WE are the Giants just like Goliath – because God has our back, our front, our sides, our heads and our feet.  No man can defeat him!  Realize the Power that You and I have when we call on his name.

Pastor Zans stated that it will NOT be Obama, Clinton or McCain that will bring change to this world.  It will be … THE CHURCH OF GOD on their KNEES – and when we realize that WE DO have Power through Christ, we will realize that God has many things he wants to do through us, He is waiting for us to BE USED by Him and for Him.  We can change the world people… let’s commit TODAY to being who God has designed us to be.  Dont worry if you fail, dust yourself off and get back up.  God will NEVER give up on you, he created you. 

Pastor Zans message was awesome – remember the verse – I can DO ALL things through Christ who “strengthens” me.  You know, I have said this verse over and over but forgot the true meaning.  Did you?  We dont ever have to say ” I can’t”, “I’m not worthy enough”, HE can do anything through us, IF we let Him.  I invite you:  Let God The Father begin again in your life, realize the Power we have to change the world as we let go and let God.  He never asked us to go alone, He never asked us to be Perfect, He Only Asked Us to GO in His Name and He promised to go with us.

God Bless you ALL, pray for our Troops, pray for this world, pray for your neighbor, pray for your families DAILY!  Obama, Glinton, and McCain CANT Change the world – but You and I on our knees with other believers can.  Do you believe it?  God’s word says it !  Where will I find you today, I hope it is next to me bowed before God.  May each of us go this day with the Filling of the Holy Spirit – may He lead us – and may we follow without hesitation.



One Response to “Obama, Clinton, McCain? I’ll tell you who…”

  1. Politics is also unpredictable. No one four years ago could have predicted that in the US an African-American Democratic Barack Obama would defeat Hillary Clinton, the predicted woman candidate competing for the presidency of the United States in 2008 she will urge her backers to bankroll t Obama’s bid, No one likely would have predicted that the Conservative Stephen Harper the Canadian PM of a minority government would last even this long.

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