I am an RN, I specialize in Cardiology.  I also have a Home Business with a Wellness Company.   If you are interested in Healthier products and/or a Home Business — visit my website   http://lauriem.6s2u.com.  I also have explored other ventures to help people like myself, start to earn a little or a lot of extra money to help make ends meet.  Some of theses opportunities are listed on my other blog at http://maxsuccessworld.blogspot.com/   I am finding products, services etc that provide you with a wealth of information and also various opportunites to suit anyone.  If you bookmark, that site, you will continue to find valuable products to help you along your way.  I hope this is helpful.

I am married to a wonderful man, I have 2 beautiful teenagers and 3 step-children that dont live with us.

I love the Lord and keep striving toward the Goal- trying not to dwell on my past but pressing forward.  I love to teach and share opportunities with people and give them Hope.  I hope that each one that reads my blog is blessed in some way.  I am not a professional writer – isnt it obvious – but I try to share what is on my heart and can only pray it helps just “one”.


2 Responses to “Get To Know Me :)”

  1. keith said

    Thanks for reaching out to the lost and broken world.


  2. ann said

    hi laurie, for every adversity and heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or a greater benefit! May u & family be blessed always.

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